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For the past 4 years, the Trump Administration has been committed to strengthening American leadership in artificial intelligence (AI). After recognizing the strategic importance of AI to the Nation’s future economy and security, the Trump Administration issued the first ever national AI strategy, committed to doubling AI research investment, established the first-ever national AI research institutes, released the world’s first AI regulatory guidance, forged new international AI alliances, and established guidance for Federal use of AI.

Building upon this critical foundation, today the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) established the National Artificial Intelligence Initiative Office, further accelerating our efforts to ensure America’s leadership in this critical field for years to come. The Office is charged with overseeing and implementing the United States national AI strategy and will serve as the central hub for Federal coordination and collaboration in AI research and policymaking across the government, as well as with private sector, academia, and other stakeholders.

The National AI Initiative Office is established in accordance with the recently passed National Artificial Intelligence Initiative Act of 2020. Demonstrating strong bipartisan support for the Administration’s longstanding effort, the Act also codified into law and expanded many existing AI policies and initiatives at the White House and throughout the Federal Government:

  • The American AI Initiative, which was established via Executive Order 13859, identified five key lines of effort that are now codified into law. These efforts include increasing AI research investment, unleashing Federal AI computing and data resources, setting AI technical standards, building America’s AI workforce, and engaging with our international allies.
  • The Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence, launched by the White House in 2018 to coordinate Federal AI efforts, is being expanded and made permanent, and will serve as the senior interagency body referenced in the Act that is responsible for overseeing the National AI Initiative.
  • The National AI Research Institutes announced by the White House and the National Science Foundation in 2020 were codified into law. These collaborative research and education institutes will focus on a range of AI R&D areas, such as machine learning, synthetic manufacturing, precision agriculture, and extreme weather prediction.
  • Regular updates to the national AI R&D strategic plan, which were initiated by the White House in 2019, are codified into law.
  • Critical AI technical standards activities directed by the White House in 2019 are expanded to include an AI risk assessment framework.
  • The prioritization of AI related data, cloud, and high-performance computing directed by the White House in 2019 are expanded to include a plan for a National AI Research Resource providing compute resources and datasets for AI research.
  • An annual AI budget rollup of Federal AI R&D investments directed as part of the American AI Initiative is codified and made permanent to ensure that the balance of AI funding is sufficient to meet the goals and priorities of the National AI Initiative.

In addition, the bipartisan Industries of the Future Act recently passed by Congress requires a plan to double Federal AI R&D investment, codifying President Trump’s landmark 2021 budget proposal.

Through the Trump Administration’s historic efforts and the unparalleled enthusiasm and activity of the private sector and academia, the United States remains the world leader in artificial intelligence. The White House’s new National AI Initiative Office will be integral to the Federal Government’s efforts to maintain this leadership position for many years to come.

National AI Initiative Office Seal

Each aspect of the Office’s new seal is representative of key drivers of this initiative and the Office’s mission:

  • The American Bald Eagle, derived from the Great Seal of the United States, represents the inviolable sovereignty, strength, and spirit of our Nation. The eagle emerges from the neural network to represent the power and potential of AI to translate data into knowledge, technological breakthroughs, and new capabilities.
  • The interconnected nodes symbolize the neural network – one of many technologies foundational to AI and machine learning that are transforming society, creating prosperity, enhancing national security, and improving quality of life.
  • The 8th node of the neural network is highlighted with the American flag, representing the commitment of the United States to leadership in AI, and the importance of an all-of-nation approach to the research, development, and deployment of AI.
  • The gold laurel leaves represent the Office’s role in coordinating and harmonizing United States AI research and education to promote the scientific discovery that drives new technological breakthroughs and achieves unmatched AI capabilities.
  • The seven stars illustrate the founding of the Office in the 7th decade of the field of AI, beginning with the seminal 1956 Dartmouth AI workshop.