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President Trump fought hard to make sure that America led the world in cutting-edge technology while addressing its aging infrastructure at home. These efforts included major breakthroughs in deploying broadband internet across rural America, advancing American leadership in space, and becoming the first Administration to make artificial intelligence and quantum information science national priorities. The Trump Administration also reduced unnecessary duplication and uncertainty in the Federal environmental review and authorization process, which too often delayed major infrastructure projects and held back the American economy.

Administration Achievements

Ensured American leadership in technology and innovation

  • First administration to name artificial intelligence, quantum information science, and 5G communications as national research and development priorities
  • Launched the American Broadband Initiative to promote the rapid deployment of broadband internet across rural America
  • Made 100 megahertz of crucial mid-band spectrum available for commercial operations, a key factor to driving widespread 5G access across rural America
  • Launched the American AI Initiative to ensure American leadership in artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Established the first-ever principles for Federal agency adoption of AI to improve services for the American people
  • Signed the National Quantum Initiative Act establishing the National Quantum Coordination Office at the White House to drive breakthroughs in quantum information science
  • Signed the Secure 5G and Beyond Act to ensure America leads the world in 5G
  • Launched a groundbreaking program to test safe and innovative commercial drone operations nationwide
  • Issued new rulemaking to accelerate the return of American civil supersonic aviation
  • Committed to doubling investments in AI and quantum information science (QIS) research and development
  • Announced the establishment of $1 billion AI and quantum research institutes across America
  • Established largest dual-use 5G test sites in the world to advance 5G commercial and military innovation
  • Signed landmark Prague Principles with America’s allies to advance the deployment of secure 5G telecommunications networks
  • Signed first-ever bilateral AI cooperation agreement with the United Kingdom
  • Built collation among allies to ban Chinese Telecom Company Huawei from their 5G infrastructure

Restored American leadership in space

  • Following a 9-year absence, American astronauts have once again launched into space from American soil
  • For the first time ever, a commercial company sent humans into orbit as part of NASA’s Commercial Crew program
  • President Trump released five Space Policy Directives, including instructing NASA to return American astronauts to the Moon
  • The Trump Administration established the Space Force, the first new branch of the Armed Forces since the creation of the Air Force more than 70 years ago
  • In 2017, President Trump revived the National Space Council for the first time in 24 years