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LEADING THE GLOBAL RACE TO 5G: President Donald J. Trump’s Administration will create a National Spectrum Strategy that will position the United States to lead in next generation wireless networks for years to come.

  • President Trump directed the Secretary of Commerce to work with agencies and policy makers on all levels to develop a National Spectrum Strategy to guide our country’s radiofrequency spectrum (spectrum) policy in the years to come.
    • The Secretary will report annually to the President on efforts to repurpose spectrum for more efficient and effective use.
    • President Trump’s Memorandum is also creating a Spectrum Strategy Task Force.
  • With the advent of new wireless technologies and the continuously growing demand for data, the spectrum that fuels these networks must be used efficiently and effectively.
  • Fifth-generation (5G) wireless technologies will have higher speeds and greater capacity than ever before, but is only possible with an adequate supply of spectrum.
  • Wireless broadband connectivity brings benefits to nearly every sector of our economy including transportation, agriculture, education, healthcare, and manufacturing.

FUELING INNOVATION AND INVESTMENT:  President Trump’s forward-looking spectrum strategy will provide a playbook for developing innovative technologies in the years to come. 

  • The Strategy will examine how to improve spectrum management and assess research and development priorities to create new technologies and improve United States competitiveness.
  • The Strategy will provide a comprehensive roadmap for policy makers on all levels, so that we can successfully lead the way to a connected future.
  • President Trump understands that we need a forward-looking approach to managing spectrum that promotes our economic interests while still protecting our national security.

PROTECTING NATIONAL SECURITY AND EQUIPPING OUR MILITARY: President Trump will ensure that our military and Federal agencies have the necessary tools to protect our Nation.

  • President Trump’s Memorandum directs Federal agencies to report on their current and anticipated spectrum needs.
  • In the modern era, national security is dependent on technological superiority, as the military and Federal agencies rely on spectrum to carry out their missions.
    • The military and Federal agencies use spectrum for a range of activities, including radar detection of threats, monitoring severe weather, and management of national airspace.

CREATING JOBS AND IMPROVING THE ECONOMY: President Trump is committed to enabling emerging technologies that will better the lives of all Americans.

  • The President has directed a report on how new technologies will impact spectrum supply.
  • Spectrum fuels industries that create high wage jobs every year and new technologies.
  • Wireless technology enables opportunities across the country, including rural America.
  • The Strategy will play an important role in furthering American leadership in space and commercial space exploration.