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Oval Office
12:38 P.M. EST

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Thank you very much.  It’s an honor to have Prime Minister Turnbull, Mrs. Turnbull — friends of mine and friends of Melania for, actually, quite some time.

The relationship we have with Australia is a terrific relationship, and probably stronger now than ever before — maybe because of our relationship, our friendship.  But we’re working on trade deals, we’re working on military and protection, and all of the things that you would think we would be discussing today.

We have a big meeting set up in a little while, and we have a luncheon set up, also.  And we have all of our representatives surrounding us and a lot of good things will come out of this visit.

So, Mr. Prime Minister, we very much appreciate you being here.  Thank you very much.

PRIME MINISTER TURNBULL:  Well, thank you.  Thank you so much.  Thank you.  And I just say, thank you and Melania for your hospitality and your friendship.

It’s the 100 Years of Mateship that we’re celebrating this year.  One hundred years ago, for the first time, Australians and American soldiers went into battle together, in the Battle of Hamel on July the 4th, 1918, and we have been fighting side-by-side in freedom’s cause ever since.

So, a hundred years of mateship, and a hundred more to come.

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  That’s great.  Thank you all very much.

Q    Do you have plans to come to Australia anytime soon?  We’d love to have you in Australia.

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  I would.  Yeah.  We will be there.  Great place.

Q    (Inaudible) resolve the refugee issues?

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  We’ll talk about it.  Thank you.

Q    Any plans to come to Australia?

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  I would, absolutely.

Q    You’d like to come to Australia?

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Been there.  I’ve been there.  I love it.  Absolutely.

12:41 P.M. EST