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World Economic Forum Congress Centre
Davos, Switzerland

10:55 A.M. CET

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Thank you very much. It’s a great honor to be with President Kagame. And we have had tremendous discussions on Rwanda, and the job they’ve done is absolutely terrific.

We have trade with Rwanda, and just general, I would say great relationships.

I want to congratulate you, Mr. President, as being the new head of the African Union. That’s a great honor. This was just announced recently, and that really, truly is a great honor. So please give my regards. I know you’re going to your first meeting very shortly, and please give my warmest regards.

But it’s an honor to have you as a friend.

PRESIDENT KAGAME: Thank you very much. Well, it’s always a great honor to meet the President of the United States, President Donald Trump. And we had good discussions of those two levels –the bilateral relations between Rwanda and the United States.

Rwanda has benefitted tremendously from the support of the United State. In many areas where there is (inaudible) support operations we have carried out in different parts of the world, we had the United States, on our side, supporting us.

You have supported our economy, with trade, investment. We see a lot of tourists from United States to visit us — coming to Rwanda.

And, President, I wanted to thank you for the support we have received from you, personal, and your administration. And we’re looking forward to also working with the United States at the level of the African Union, where we are tightening out reforms of the African Union, so that we get our act together to do the right things. That helps — in cooperating with the United States, it would be more beneficial when we are organized, to know what we want from the United States —


PRESIDENT KAGAME: — for that cooperation. So I thank you very much.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, I thank you very much. And it’s a great honor to have all of you here. And we’ll speak for a little bit longer. And thank you very much. Thank you for being here.


10:58 A.M. CET