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AN AMERICA FIRST FOREIGN POLICY: President Donald J. Trump has fulfilled his promise to put America First by prioritizing the defense of America’s borders at home and its interests abroad.

  • President Trump has announced new policies to secure America’s borders:
    • Set the highest standard ever for United States visa and immigration vetting and adjudications so that the United States can validate traveler identities, prevent fraud, and ensure individuals do not represent a public safety or national security threat
    • Implemented enhancements that have raised the bar for refugee vetting and screening
    • Withdrew from negotiations on the Global Compact on Migration to ensure America’s control of its borders

PROTECT THE HOMELAND: President Trump has taken innovative and aggressive action to protect our people and eliminate threats to the homeland at their source.

  • President Trump has successfully prosecuted the war against ISIS by empowering commanders with broad authority to defeat the terrorist group.
    • The coalition against ISIS has recaptured over 95 percent of the territory previously held by ISIS in Iraq and Syria, the government of Iraq has liberated its territory from ISIS , and millions have been freed from the terrorist group’s stranglehold.
  • President Trump has dramatically increased pressure on North Korea to end its WMD and missile programs:
    • Initiated the toughest sanctions ever on North Korea that cut off 30 percent of its oil imports, and—when combined with previous resolutions—that banned over 90 percent of the country’s exports
    • Designated North Korea as a State Sponsor of Terror
    • Pressured China to reduce banking ties to North Korea
    • Encouraged action against North Korea from countries around the world such as Malaysia, Kuwait, Peru, and Sudan
  • President Trump took the bold step of declining to certify that what Iran gave up under the nuclear deal was appropriate and proportionate to the benefits it received, while making clear that the United States demands that Iran fully and strictly comply with all of its nuclear-related obligations.
  • President Trump launched sanctions against 93 Iran-related entities and individuals to counter Iran’s non-nuclear destabilizing behavior.
  • President Trump called on Pakistan to do more to combat terrorism within its borders.
  • President Trump has made it clear that the use of chemical weapons will not be tolerated, as demonstrated by his swift and decisive order to strike the Syrian air base responsible for launching the horrific chemical weapons attack on April 4, 2017, in Khan Shaykhun, Syria, killing innocent civilians.

PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH: President Trump is rebuilding our military, and has revitalized international partnerships and prompted our allies to take on a greater share of the burden of collective defense.

  • President Trump ordered a dramatic rebuilding of the Nation’s crucial military capacities and capabilities and worked with Congress on a defense budget that would reverse the sequester:
    • Requested and received an additional $21 billion in Department of Defense funding to address urgent readiness shortfalls
    • Ordered a Nuclear Posture Review to ensure America’s nuclear forces are up to date and serve as a credible deterrent
    • Ordered $367 million in missile defense investments for fiscal year 2017 and $4 billion for 2018 to defend against the threat of North Korean missiles
    • Directed the elevation of US CYBERCOM to a unified combatant command, improving leadership, operational effectiveness and resourcing for cyber efforts
  • President Trump has reinvigorated the National Space Council and reset America’s sights on manned exploration of the solar system.
  • Spending by NATO on defense has increased 4.3 percent, or $12.4 billion, over the previous year while increased troop contributions to Afghanistan have contributed to the record highest fill rate of 93 percent.
  • President Trump has worked with partners and allies in the Middle East to enhance counterterrorism cooperation, including through the creation of the U.S.-Gulf Cooperation Council Terrorist Financing Targeting Center and joint sanctions designations of Al al-Qa’ida and ISIS terrorists.
  • President Trump has reinvigorated our nuclear security cooperation with countries around the world to ensure that terrorists cannot gain access to the materials necessary for producing nuclear weapons.
  • President Trump refocused America’s strategy in Afghanistan, providing enhanced military resources to fight ISIS and the Taliban, and outlining a conditions-based strategy for peace.
  • President Trump is working to ensure that our partners and allies have the capabilities they need to fight shared challenges, such as terrorism.
  • President Trump championed quadrilateral cooperation with Australia, India, and Japan to ensure a free, open, prosperous, and inclusive Indo-Pacific region.

ENHANCING AMERICAN INFLUENCE: President Trump has made historic trips and delivered speeches abroad restoring America’s influence around the world.

  • On his first trip abroad, President Trump visited the historic homes of three great world religions, meeting with leaders of more than 50 Muslim majority nations in Saudi Arabia, reassuring America’s key ally in Israel, and meeting with the Pope in the Holy See.
  • President Trump traveled to Europe where he revitalized the NATO alliance and attended meetings of the G-7 and G-20.
  • In November, President Trump conducted the longest trip to Asia by an American president in 25 years where he rallied Asian nations to maximize pressure on North Korea, outlined his vision for a free and open Indo-Pacific region, and advanced fair and reciprocal trade.
  • President Trump exhorted Muslim nations to fight extremism in Riyadh, stood up for Western values in Warsaw, faced down the North Korean threat in Seoul, and delivered a clear vision of nation-state sovereignty and principled realism at the United Nations.