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Cabinet Members and Elected Officials

Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin: “Today the President returned to Missouri to speak to hardworking men and women and small business owners, who are the engines of job creation in our country, about how tax cuts and reform will bring better-paying jobs to Main Street in America. We have the highest business tax rates in the developed world, and they have driven jobs and opportunities overseas. That is why we are working with Congress to pass historic tax reform that will not only cut taxes for families, it will make our businesses more competitive and spur sustained economic growth that will benefit all Americans.”

Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue: “Too much time, effort, and expense has gone into complying with the onerous tax code and people need relief. As Congress works towards a final package of tax cuts and reforms, I am hopeful that we can get this done to benefit agriculture and the entire American economy.”

Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta: “Tax reform is about job creation. President Trump is working to revitalize America’s main streets by reducing taxes, and making the tax code simpler and fairer. With nearly 1.5 million jobs created since January and two consecutive quarters of GDP growth above 3 percent, the President has unleashed a spirit of economic optimism—but our work is not done. Lowering taxes for job creators will help them grow and hire more Americans for good, family-sustaining jobs.”

Administrator of the Small Business Administration Linda McMahon: “America was built on the backs of our entrepreneurs….reforming the tax-code will help to revive that entrepreneurial spirit and spur further economic growth. I want to commend the President and Congressional leadership for their efforts and vision, and look forward to seeing tax reform cross the finish line.”

Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO): “As President Trump made clear today, fixing our broken tax code is about two things: helping hardworking Missouri families keep more of what they earn and ensuring there are more opportunities and better-paying jobs for every American. I’ve heard from countless Missouri families, small business owners, and manufacturers about the challenges they face with our outdated tax code. They need relief, and I appreciate President Trump’s push to make sure they get it.”

Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer (R-MO): “Americans work too hard and produce too many great products to have our economy weighed down by outdated laws and elected officials who lack the courage to make tough decisions. It is incredible to have President Trump visit the 3rd Congressional District during this historic week. With all eyes on the Senate now, it is my sincere hope they join the House in passing meaningful reform so we can soon deliver a bill to the President’s desk.”

Rep. Billy Long (R-MO): “It was great to have @POTUS back in #Missouri today to talk about #TaxReform!”

Rep. Sam Graves (R-MO): “The House Republican tax bill will ease the compliance and tax burdens small businesses will face and ensure that they are allowed to grow, create jobs, and build a stronger economy. During our trip, President Trump and I saw and heard the necessity of making sure that tax reform becomes a reality and I look forward to joining him and bringing much-needed relief to small business owners across the country.”

Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-MO): “It’s an honor to accompany President Trump on his trip and welcome him to my home state. Americans are ready for a change in the tax code that allows them to flourish instead of just ‘get by.’ The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act would do just that by roughly doubling the standard deduction, which seventy-one percent of Missourians currently use. I look forward to continuing to work with President Trump and my colleagues in the Senate to bring Missourians and the American people much-needed relief.”

Rep. Jason Smith (R-MO): “President Trump knows that tax cuts for the folks in Missouri will unleash the economy and are [for] the people that he’s trying to help the most, and it’s nice to have him back in our state.”

Rep. Ann Wagner (R-MO): “The people of the 2nd District sent me to Washington to secure their jobs and fight to keep more of their hard earned money. Now—with the President’s continued support—Congress is finally on the verge of doing just that. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will reignite the American economy, it will make every day a little bit easier for that single mother of two, that firefighter, or that small-business owner.”

Media Outlets

The Associated Press: “During his second visit to the state to build support for the plan, Trump made a populist appeal for the Republican tax package, saying it would ‘bring Main Street rolling back.’”

Fox News: “President Trump on Wednesday traveled to Missouri to rally support for the tax overhaul making its way through Congress, as senators gear up to vote on the White House’s top legislative priority in the coming days. ‘The eyes of the world now turn to the United States Senate,’ the president said during a rally in St. Louis.”

The Hill: “President Trump on Wednesday rallied the public on tax cuts ahead of a key Senate vote. Standing in front of American flags and Christmas trees in Missouri, Trump told the crowd he came to the state ‘to help push our plan for historic tax cuts right across the finish line.’”

The Washington Times: “The president said that the tax cuts would help unleash an economic revival that he said was already underway because of his policies….He said of the Senate vote [expected] by week’s end, ‘Now comes the moment of truth. In the coming days, the American people will learn which politicians are part of the swamp, and which politicians want to drain the swamp.’”

Washington Examiner: “President Trump highlighted congressional Republicans’ progress toward passing a tax reform bill and touted the success of the economy on his watch during a wide-ranging speech in Missouri on Wednesday….Trump stressed that the reduction in rates contained in Republicans’ tax plan will benefit the middle class and not high-income households, as Democrats have alleged.”

Newsmax: “President Donald Trump touted the Republican Party’s efforts to pass tax reform Wednesday, saying it will help the United States win again….Trump’s campaign-style speech drew several rounds of applause as he made the case for passing tax cuts and rattled off statistics that he said demonstrated his accomplishments.”

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: “In a speech to about 1,000 invited supporters at the St. Charles Convention Center, Trump hammered at the message that the Republican tax plan is the best way to offer relief to the American people. Trump hearkened back to St. Charles’ past as a frontier city, saying America could rediscover the pioneer spirit, and he praised the city’s Main Street corridor.”

The Kansas City Star: “Trump, who spoke on a stage filled with Christmas trees, said that the tax cuts would be a present for the nation. He also promised that he would return to his promise to repeal the Affordable Care Act, former President Barack Obama’s signature policy, after the Senate passes tax cuts.”

St. Louis Public Radio: “Speaking before a packed audience at the St. Charles Convention Center today, Trump delivered a speech laced with a callbacks to history, promising to return the United States to a more prosperous time….He lauded benefits in the legislation for individuals and married couples, and he promised that companies would receive benefits that would let them offer more jobs.”

KMOV 4 St. Louis: “This was President Trump’s second visit to the state to build support for the plan. In his speech at a local convention center, Trump made a populist appeal for the Republican tax package, saying it would ‘bring Main Street rolling back.’”