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Members of Congress

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY): “It was a great speech. One time a year the President gets to address the nation in the State of the Union, actually the only speech mentioned in the Constitution. He laid out the robust economy we have. The tax cut that we passed clearly had a positive impact – the lowest unemployment in 50 years – America has much to be happy about. But we’ve got some problems and the Southern Border is one of them. The President has pushed for adequate border security and I’m hoping that the Congress will finally give it to him after some back and forth between the Democratic opponents who seem to be a little less interested in border security.”

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA): “President Trump just hit it out of the park. He offered a vision of America that both parties can support. Now, Democrats have a choice. They can continue to resist or they can choose to work together to keep making America greater than ever.”

Senate Majority Whip John Thune (R-SD): “I share the president’s vision for pursuing an agenda that inspires cooperation, commonsense, and compromise – an agenda that works to end the partisan divide in Washington and helps enhance Americans’ quality of life in the 21st century and beyond. Together we can build on the strength of an already booming economy, which is marked by strong and sustained job growth, low unemployment, and increased wages.”

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA): “The state of our union is strong”

Sen. John Boozman (R-AR): “Great to hear @POTUS highlight efforts to empower women economically. We started that process last Congress when my bill, the #WEEEAct, was passed with broad support. Looking forward to taking more action to enable women to contribute even more within the global economy.”

Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL): “Thank you for supporting freedom and democracy in Venezuela, Mr. President!”

Sen. David Perdue (R-GA): “Tonight, President Trump laid out a very powerful vision for our country that continues to build on the successes of the last two years. Many Americans are seeing increased paychecks, more opportunities, and brighter futures for their families.”

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA): “Free market principles and price transparency will drive down health care costs for American families. Thank you @realDonaldTrump for making this a priority.”

Sen. Mike Braun (R-IN): “Tonight, President @realDonaldTrump spoke of great progress: an economy that keeps roaring, Americans going back to work at record pace, a safer nation at home & abroad. I was honored to hear his vision to keep the state of our union stronger than ever by.”

Sen. Jerry Moran (R-KS): “Well said, @realDonaldTrump! The #VAMISSIONAct must be implemented in a way that makes certain our veterans receive the care they deserve.”

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY): “Good for @realDonaldTrump ‘Great nations do not fight endless wars.’”

Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA): “I am working with the @WhiteHouse to develop a sustainable paid family leave plan that will give parents the flexibility they need to raise a family.”

Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA): “I agree with @realDonaldTrump. Instead of gridlock and division, let’s choose greatness.”

Sen. Roger Wicker (R-MS): “Tonight President Trump was right to call for national unity and bipartisan cooperation to tackle our greatest challenges. Resistance, obstruction, and division foster weakness and decline – not greatness.”

Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-ND): “Tonight President Trump delivered an uplifting message that this entire country, and this entire Congress, can rally behind. On the heels of a rocket ship economy, the President offers us a plan to revitalize our crumbling infrastructure, re-negotiate better deals for workers, protect national security, and fix our broken illegal immigration system.”

Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY): “In his address, the president put forward an optimistic vision for how he will continue to improve the quality of life for all Americans. I share his commitment to making health care and prescription drugs more affordable for working families. As chairman of the Environment and Public Works Committee, I know we can strengthen American infrastructure through targeted investments in aging roads and bridges.”

The Senate Commerce Committee: “Tonight @realDonaldTrump mentioned the importance of rebuilding America’s infrastructure. The Commerce Committee will continue to work with the administration on a bipartisan basis to meet the nation’s infrastructure needs.”

Rep. Bradley Byrne (R-AL): “I couldn’t agree more. It is time to stop with the politics of resistance and work together on behalf of the American people! #SOTU”

Rep. Mike Rogers (R-AL): “I stand with you on securing our border, @realDonaldTrump. #SOTU”

Rep. French Hill (R-AR): “These are bipartisan goals that are widely agreed upon by an overwhelming majority of Americans. I look forward to working with all of my colleagues, and the president, on delivering results that will continue to build a stronger, safer, and more prosperous Arkansas.”

Rep. Bruce Westerman (R-AR): “Tonight, the president set a clear agenda for the upcoming year. I look forward to choosing greatness in 2019, and am hopeful that Congress can pursue bipartisan efforts to achieve these goals.”

Rep. Steve Womack (R-AR): “The President is absolutely right. We must fix our broken immigration system and secure our border. The American people deserve a working, lawful, and effective system. This is both a security and humanitarian issue. #SOTU”

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ): “I appreciate President Trump’s leadership and his words tonight before Congress and the nation. He has once again challenged Members of Congress to keep our promises.”

Rep. Ken Calvert (R-CA): “There’s no doubt that we live in a polarized political environment right now, but if you stop and focus on the actual policies the President is outlining you will see that these are generally common-sense ideas that have broad support in our country.”

Rep. Lou Correa (D-CA): “If @realDonaldTrump is serious about investing trillions into #USA #infrastructure, creating countless good paying #jobs that get #Americans back to work… Count Me In.”

Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL): “I applaud @potus’ commitment to childhood cancer research. This commitment will honor the memory of so many children taken too soon, including beautiful Bella.”

Rep. Neal Dunn (R-FL):  “The American people want results – I agree with .@POTUS .@realDonaldTrump that we must work together for the agenda of the American people.”

Rep. John Rutherford (R-FL): “As a former sheriff, I support @realDonaldTrump’s dedication to reforming our criminal justice system and giving our fellow citizens a second chance. The #FirstStepAct is not soft on crime, but smart on crime. #SOTU”

Rep. Ross Spano (R-FL): “As a member of the House @TransportGOP committee, I will work with my colleagues, in a bipartisan manner, to rebuild our infrastructure. I thank @POTUS @realDonaldTrump for making this a priority in the #116thCongress. Let’s get to work!”

Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA): “.@RealDonaldTrump worked with Democrats and Republicans to pass the #FirstStepAct, restoring hope to families across the nation. Thankful Matthew Charles is here to remind us we can choose greatness for ourselves and for our communities.”

Rep. Jody Hice (R-GA): “With weekly jobless claims at their lowest since 1969 and wages on the rise, opportunities are expanding for every American, and I share the optimism expressed by @POTUS @realDonaldTrump. When America is strong, unified, and proud, we can accomplish anything.”

Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA): “Under .@realDonaldTrump and @GOP’s leadership, the American economy has been unleashed like never before. We now have more open jobs than workers to fill those jobs.”

Rep. Austin Scott (R-GA): “Thank you, @POTUS, for your continued commitment to lower the cost of health care and prescription medications. I agree that the cost of health care in our country is unacceptable, and I look forward to working with you on this issue.”

Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN): “I support free-trade, but I also support working to achieve better deals for America. I’m proud we have a President willing to call out China on unfair trade practices & IP theft on the biggest stage.”

Rep. Larry Bucshon (R-IN): “I applaud @realDonaldTrump for working to address China’s unfair trade practices. It is critical that we support and protect American jobs and workers.”

Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-IN): “America needs a 21st century infrastructure to keep our economy going strong. I look forward to working with @POTUS to achieve this important goal.”

Rep. Ralph Abraham (R-LA): “President Trump has a bold vision of how we can solve the challenges facing our country. There’s no shortage of what we can achieve if Democrats decide to work with Republicans to address border security, the cost of health care, infrastructure and much more.”

Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger (D-MD): “Rebuilding infrastructure, lowering prescription drugs and protecting Americans with preexisting conditions – finally things we agree on. Let’s get to work!”

Rep. Paul Mitchell (R-MI): “I agree, we need to work together, negotiate in good faith, and find compromises.”

Rep. Tim Walberg (R-MI): “President Trump’s message resonated throughout Michigan, speaking to the pocketbook and security concerns of hardworking families in our state.”

Rep. Jason Smith (R-MO): “I couldn’t agree more with the President – repealing the death tax is one of the best things we can do for family farmers. That’s why I’ve authored the bill to end the death tax once and for all.”

Rep. Michael Guest (R-MS): “Tonight, @RealDonaldTrump has offered Congress – and all of America – a choice between divisiveness and unity. We must choose unity. We must choose greatness.”

Rep. Steven Palazzo (R-MS): “I could not agree more with @realDonaldTrump. We must do everything we can to protect the innocent lives of our children and cherish life.”

Rep. Greg Gianforte (R-MT): “President Trump is right – we must come together to address the challenges facing our country. Republicans and Democrats should do what we did last year – come together to deliver results for the American people.”

Rep. Ted Budd (R-NC): “I want to thank @realDonaldTrump for proposing legislation tonight that will end late-term abortions. I fully support him in this effort.”

Rep. Mark Walker (R-NC): “Tonight was a call for all of Washington to put productivity over personality, partnerships over parties, and people over politics. Though there are many paths of opinion, if we choose to work together to solve the issues our nation faces, we can meet on the path of American greatness.”

Rep. Tom Reed (R-NY): “With a soaring economy and a restored leadership around the globe, President Trump highlighted the once in a generation opportunity our country holds to work together to pass laws that help people.”

Rep. David Joyce (R-OH): “You’re right, Mr. President, we ARE eager to pass an infrastructure bill. It’s past time to provide the much-needed investment in our nation’s roads, bridges, water systems and power grid, all of which provide benefits for American workers, businesses and the economy.”

Rep. Greg Walden (R-OR): “Thank you @POTUS for highlighting our historic efforts to combat the #opioidcrisis tonight at #SOTU. H.R. 6 provides more tools to people on the front lines of this fight to stem the tide of addiction & save lives.”

Rep. Madeleine Dean (D-PA): “I was glad to hear President @realDonaldTrump address the tragedy at the Tree of Life Synagogue, and I appreciate the courage of SWAT Officer Timothy Matson. There is no place for anti-Semitism in America – or the world.”

Rep. Lloyd Smucker (R-PA): “Very glad to see @POTUS honoring these Pennsylvanians tonight. They embody the heroism, diversity and goodness of America. #SOTU”

Rep. Glenn Thompson (R-PA): “I couldn’t agree more: @realDonaldTrump ‘It is unacceptable that Americans pay vastly more than people in other countries for the exact same drugs, often made in the exact same place.  This is wrong, unfair, and together we will stop it.’”

Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC): “I join @RealDonaldTrump in expressing optimism for our country’s future. Together, we can promote bipartisan achievements and work towards a common goal.”

Rep. Scott DesJarlais (R-TN): “This State of the Union Address was an opportunity for him to address the American people directly, although millions, especially in Tennessee, are experiencing for themselves the power of conservative policies placing middle-class families and small businesses first.”

Rep. Phil Roe (R-TN): “It was a privilege to attend the State of the Union this evening. President Trump outlined an agenda that will keep our strong economy growing while ensuring our nation remains safe and secure. We have had an exceptional last two years under his leadership.”

Rep. Jodey Arrington (R-TX): “President Trump negotiated from a position of strength, and the USMCA will provide freer and fairer trade markets with our neighbors to the north and south.”

Rep. Brian Babin (R-TX): “It’s amazing at the progress we have made in two years in curbing North Korea’s nuclear program. Much work remains, but excellent job so far by @POTUS.”

Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX): “All of us can – and should – work together to choose greatness for our fellow Americans. From strengthening our national defense to protecting American workers and investing in our infrastructure, President @realDonaldTrump is committed to creating a better tomorrow.”

Rep. Mike Conaway (R-TX): “For years, China has employed illegal trade practices that have driven jobs out of America and hurt our workers. The President is right – we must protect our workers by making fair trade a priority”

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX): “The President hit the right note tonight. While we have made progress, there is still work to be done. Now is the time to come together to enact an agenda that has something for everyone: from securing our borders to rebuilding America to lowering health care costs. This benefits all Americans. I look forward to working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to implement these policies to make us a greater and more prosperous country.”

Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX): “As the founder and co-chair of the Childhood Cancer Caucus, I have long advocated for our children battling cancer. I am so glad @POTUS called for us to increase funding for critical life-saving research in our children.”

Rep. Pete Olson (R-TX): “.@POTUS is right, we must improve our infrastructure, especially after #Harvey.”

Rep. Randy Weber (R-TX): “America first is a good thing. We should never apologize for protecting and advancing our interests at home and abroad.”

Rep. Rob Wittman (R-VA): “Yes, Mr. President! Nothing in the world can compete with America!”

Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI): “Tonight, President Trump made clear that America’s Blue Collar Comeback is real, and the American Dream is alive and once again achievable. More manufacturing jobs were added last year than at any time since 1997, unemployment is down, and wages are up.”

Rep. Carol Miller (R-WV): “Thank you President Trump for ending the War on Coal in West Virginia!”

Rep. Alex Mooney (R-WV): “Tonight, President Donald Trump outlined a bold agenda that will continue to grow the economy and keep America safe.”

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY): “Working with Congressional Republicans, President Trump has been able to steer our country back on the right track. Our economy is growing. People are seeing more success and opportunity come their way. The agenda he outlined tonight would build on this progress to expand prosperity, opportunity and security for all Americans.”

Cabinet Members & Administration Officials

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo: “In his first two years, President Trump has strengthened America at home and abroad by putting the interests of the American people first and reasserting American leadership around the world. History will remember this period not only for what America has achieved on its own, but for the partnerships we have built with strong, sovereign, and independent nations and the contributions we have inspired from our partners. From making historic progress with North Korea, to confronting the regime in Iran, to supporting the Venezuelan people against tyranny, and more, President Trump’s diplomatic agenda has made America safer, more respected, and more prosperous.”

Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin: “President Trump’s pro-growth, pro-worker policies are delivering rising wages and historically low unemployment for the benefit of all Americans. Tax cuts, regulatory relief, and modernized trade deals are having real, positive impacts for families and businesses all across our country. I applaud the President’s commitment to work with Congress on bipartisan solutions to our most pressing national security challenges, and to protect American workers.”

Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan: “In his State of Union address tonight, President Trump reaffirmed his unwavering commitment to support our troops and to protect American national security interests at home and abroad. Under President Trump’s leadership, we are focused on the full implementation of the National Defense Strategy: increasing lethality, strengthening alliances and partnerships, and reforming the way we do business.”

Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker: “President Trump’s speech presented a hopeful, optimistic vision for this country. An America with a secure southern border would be an America with less crime, less addiction, and better wages for working families. The Department of Justice is working every day to bring us closer to that kind of future by prosecuting criminals, interdicting drugs, and defending the rights of the American people in court. As we continue these efforts, I am hopeful that our elected leaders in Congress will come together on a bipartisan basis to support this law-and-order agenda for the good of the country.”

Acting Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt: “As President Trump’s unifying words tonight made clear, there is no limit to what America can accomplish when we come together. Perhaps no issue inspires bipartisanship like repairing our Nation’s infrastructure does. At Interior, addressing the backlog of deferred maintenance on our public lands is a top priority. Our Nation deserves the kind of investment in our infrastructure that makes us all proud. Equally important, we’re working hard to achieve President Trump’s vision of a more secure and prosperous America by achieving his energy dominance agenda. An energy-dominant America is a sovereign, safe, and free America. Responsible domestic energy production keeps energy prices low for American families and businesses, reduces our dependence on foreign oil, creates jobs, and generates billions of dollars in revenue to the Federal Treasury.”

Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue: “President Trump provided a unifying, hopeful vision for the Nation tonight, highlighting Administration accomplishments and the booming economy, but also expressing optimism that even greater achievements lie ahead. The President’s policies have been beneficial to American agriculture in the short term, but also have laid the foundation for long-term prosperity. Our trade agreements with other nations are getting stronger, and the strategies the President has employed will lead to new and expanded markets for our products. This was a patriotic speech, reminding Americans of the greatness of this country, with even brighter hopes for the future.”

Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross: “In his State of the Union address, President Trump laid out an optimistic bipartisan vision to continue building on the accomplishments of his first two years in office. Under President Trump’s leadership, common-sense policies have brought hope to the forgotten American worker. The President’s strong defense and foreign policy initiatives have restored American leadership on the international stage. Importantly, the President has made clear that economic strength is critical to national defense. Through his economic policies, such as the 232 tariffs, President Trump has strengthened America’s national security and is revitalizing critical American industries. His successful negotiation of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) will unleash American growth and his pursuit of free and fair trade with China is a refreshing change of pace in Washington. President Trump’s agenda sets America on course to choose greatness now and for the future.”

Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta: “President Trump’s State of the Union address clearly showed that America’s workers are at the heart of his Administration. Tonight, our Nation’s leaders came together and heard a unifying message full of proposals that will continue the success that the American workforce has experienced throughout the first two years of the Trump Administration. For nine straight months, there have been more open jobs than job seekers; for 11 straight months, the unemployment rate has been 4.0% or lower; and each of the last 16 straight months we have tallied more than 100,000 jobs, including 304,000 jobs last month. With more than 5.3 million jobs created since November 2016, the President’s policies resulted in broad optimism across industries. Building on the successes of the past two years involves encouraging private sector investment into the workforce, such as the more than six million Americans benefiting from the work of the National Council for the American Worker, as well as supporting and expanding the scope of successful skills-based workforce education like apprenticeships. These investments lead to a skilled workforce that will help our Nation reach the President’s goals, including rebuilding America’s infrastructure. In support of the President’s policies outlined tonight, the Department of Labor will continue to protect the health and safety of American workers while proposing commonsense regulation that will lead to even more family-sustaining career opportunities.”

Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar: “Americans heard tonight how serious President Trump is about improving the quality and affordability of healthcare. In addition to maintaining a strong commitment to confronting the opioid epidemic and proposing a new dedicated initiative to tackle childhood cancer, the President announced his Administration’s goal to end the HIV epidemic in American within 10 years, and asked Republicans and Democrats to also make this commitment. The President also laid out a bold vision to deliver all Americans better care at a lower cost, through bringing competition and price transparency to healthcare. Just last week, he proposed bringing new transparency to how seniors’ drugs are priced at the pharmacy counter by replacing a backdoor system of kickbacks with new upfront discounts to patients. The President has already taken significant action to lower the cost of prescription drugs, and the American people can expect more success in the years ahead.”

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson: “President Trump’s address offered a strong vision of unity for our Nation—one that puts country before politics and demands that Democrats and Republicans in Congress come together to fix our broken immigration system and secure our border. There is no challenge we cannot overcome if we embrace the bipartisan, common-sense approach our President outlined tonight.”

Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao: “Tonight President Trump issued a bipartisan call to repair and restore America’s aging infrastructure. Over the last two years, due to the President’s policies, our economy has generated historic levels of economic and job growth for Americans and widespread private sector investment. This success is enabled by America’s transportation sector, but aging and insufficient infrastructure threatens to impede future growth. To keep pace with the needs of a growing economy, this Administration is committed to improvements that address all facets of infrastructure—from the needs of rural America to the opportunities of innovative technology. We look forward to working across the aisle towards cooperative solutions this year.”

Secretary of Energy Rick Perry: “President Trump gave a unifying speech to our Nation highlighting our Administration’s undeniable record of progress in renewing America’s greatness and laying out an optimistic vision for its future. The President made clear that divided government need not be stagnant. By seeking areas of agreement and compromise over resistance and division, we can put country before party and choose greatness. By favoring innovation over regulation, the President’s energy policies have unleashed prosperity and propelled America to lead the world in both oil and natural gas production and in reducing energy emissions. Continued American leadership in energy will require that we come together to reduce burdensome regulations and invest in vital national infrastructure projects. In doing so, we can keep delivering affordable, reliable energy more securely, cleanly and efficiently, while creating jobs and increasing opportunity here and around the world. The choices that lie before us are clear. The state of our union is strong and if we choose greatness, it will be even stronger.”

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos: “Too many American students are far too limited by the current education ‘system’ that assigns them to a school building based solely on where they live. That means their family income largely dictates their education options. But the freedom to choose the right education should not only be for the rich, powerful and connected. All students should have the freedom to pursue an education that develops their talents, unleashes their unique potential and prepares them for a successful life. President Trump was exactly right tonight to remind the Nation of his call to expand education freedom. I look forward to continuing to work with Congress on ways to give students opportunities to pursue the education that engages their curiosity, unlocks their creativity and empowers them to reach their fullest potential. It’s time to do what’s best for kids and get to work.”

Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert Wilkie: “Under President Trump’s leadership, VA is tackling issues that have lingered for decades, with key advances in the areas of transparency, accountability, and customer service. VA is giving Veterans more choice in their health care decisions with the historic MISSION Act and improving transparency by becoming the first hospital system in the Nation to post publicly wait times, opioid prescription rates, accountability, settlements, and chief executive travel. The department is also increasing accountability and protecting whistleblowers with the VA Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act, and overhauling the disability claims and appeals processes to create a simplified system for filing to provide Veterans with clear choices and timely decisions. Additionally, VA is adopting the same electronic health record as the Department of Defense, helping ensure a seamless transfer of medical information for Veterans leaving the service, and improving customer service through integrated VA digital portals, contact centers, and databases so that Veterans can easily find the information they need.”

Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen: “Border security is not, and should not be, a partisan issue. President Trump clearly laid out the need for new Federal funding and serious reforms to our outdated laws in order to fully secure our southern border. Make no mistake, there is a humanitarian and security crisis at our border that will continue to worsen if Congress fails to act. We have all seen the horrors of human smuggling, drug trafficking, and the violence carried out by cartels and other transnational criminal organizations. DHS frontline personnel have made it clear what they need from Congress to end the crisis and fully secure the border. It is time Congress recognizes the facts on the ground and takes this problem seriously.”

Acting Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency Andrew Wheeler: “President Trump continues to deliver on his promise to grow the economy, upgrade our Nation’s aging infrastructure, and protect the environment. From proposing the new Waters of the United States definition, to cleaning up hazardous sites, to financing new water infrastructure, EPA is fulfilling the President’s commitment to provide regulatory certainty, create jobs, improve water quality, and revitalize communities that were previously neglected. The state of our union and the state of our environment are stronger, safer, and healthier thanks to President Trump’s leadership.”

United States Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer: “In his State of the Union address, President Trump outlined a visionary trade agenda that resonates across party lines and will accelerate America’s manufacturing resurgence, expand export opportunities for our farmers, ranchers, and small businesses, and promote America’s leadership in today’s digital economy. The President is confronting China’s unfair trade practices, working to open new trade negotiations with countries around the world, and replacing NAFTA with an innovative, landmark agreement for the 21st century—the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). This new agreement is a model for all future trade deals.”

Administrator of the Small Business Administration Linda McMahon: “President Trump delivered an optimistic vision for American greatness that included a bold and inclusive agenda rooted in shared values; he extended a good-faith offer to Congress to work with him to lower the cost of health care and prescription drugs, rebuild American infrastructure, establish safe and legal immigration, protect American workers from unfair trade practices, and strengthen national security. The booming Trump economy provides irrefutable validation of the President’s pro-growth governing philosophy and follow through that focuses on the needs of all Americans. The agenda he has proposed will expand prosperity for everyone, while providing innovative solutions to some of the most important challenges facing small businesses.”

Acting Director of the Office of Management and Budget Russ Vought: “Tonight, President Trump delivered his second State of the Union address. It was an inspiring, patriotic, and unifying message that laid out a bipartisan blueprint for continued American success under the President’s leadership. Over the next year, the Administration hopes to work with Congress to vastly improve the American people’s lives by lowering the costs of healthcare, securing our Nation’s borders, and restraining wasteful spending. I look forward to building upon the great successes we have already achieved.”

State Officials

Governor Kay Ivey (R-AL): “Alabama stands with President Trump and strongly supports his Rebuilding America initiative…I, too, urge Congress to quickly fund this initiative to help, not just those of us in Alabama, but the entire United States.”

Governor Asa Hutchinson (R-AR): “I love President Trump’s tribute to the Greatest Generation on D-Day invasion to save freedom for all of civilization.”

Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL): “President Trump’s call for bipartisanship is not only the key to forging meaningful policies and legislation, it is also a call to our higher sense of patriotism.  I support and applaud the President’s efforts to work with all sides in finding new solutions to our nation’s challenges in a spirit of compromise and cooperation. That is true leadership.”

Governor Brad Little (R-ID): “President Trump’s positive messages for America resonate with Idahoans. We care deeply about promoting a strong, secure America that expands opportunities for our citizens to prosper in all areas of their lives.”

Governor Phil Bryant (R-MS): “The State of the Union Address will be delivered Tuesday evening at 8:00 p.m. by @realDonaldTrump. Roy James, Plant Manager of the Vicksburg Forest Products lumber facility, will be a special guest of President Trump & @FLOTUS. A great honor for Mr. James and Mississippi.”

Governor Mike Parson (R-MO): “During the State of the Union address, President Trump shared an inspiring vision of American greatness and outlined a bipartisan agenda that can break decades of political stalemate.”

Governor Doug Burgum (R-ND): “We’re encouraged that President Trump has reaffirmed his commitment to rebuilding our nation’s critical infrastructure and protecting America’s workers, including our farmers and ranchers who have been disadvantaged by decades of unfair trade deals that the President is working to improve.”

Governor Pete Ricketts (R-NE): “From new trade deals to incredible job growth, the Trump economy is helping deliver more opportunity for American families.  The President’s continued focus in 2019 on protecting working Americans and strengthening national security sends the message that America is choosing greatness.”

Governor Chris Sununu (R-NH): “It is great to see @realDonaldTrump propose a paid family medical leave plan in his budget – a big win for families!”

Governor Mike DeWine (R-OH): “During the #StateoftheUnion, look for Ashley Evans, a guest of @FLOTUS. She started her recovery from #OpioidAddiction after her daughter was born. They’ll soon be reunited w/ help from @BrigidsPath & the child’s foster parents (relatives of @JayHottinger). It’s a story of hope!”

Governor Henry McMaster (R-SC): “Tonight, @realDonaldTrump once again asked Congress to work with him to achieve great things for America. It’s time to put partisan politics aside to ensure our national security, protect American workers, and to overhaul our broken immigration system.”

Lieutenant Governor Tim Griffin (R-AK): “Looking forward to President @realDonaldTrump’s #SOTU speech tonight. @POTUS is correctly focused on securing our border, growing our economy, & investing in our infrastructure.”

Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser (R-LA): “Tonight, the President laid out a bold agenda that resonates across the political ideologies. It is time that Washington offers common sense, bipartisan solutions that will benefit all Americans by investing in our infrastructure, lowering the cost of healthcare and protecting America’s national security.”

Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves (R-MS): “Best line of the night! ‘Wealthy politicians and donors push for open borders while living their lives behind walls and gates and guards.’ Democrats, stop obstructing! Keep Americans safe.”

Lieutenant Governor Pamela Evette (R-SC): “Our president has also called upon us to adopt a spirit of cooperation and compromise, and though Republicans and Democrats may have different views, now is the time to set aside our differences and unite to create the brightest future possible for our children and for generations to come.”

Attorney General Mark Brnovich (R-AZ): “It shouldn’t be easier for human traffickers and drug smugglers to pass our border than it is to pass meaningful legislation.  Let’s get away from fixing blame and move forward with fixing our problems. I urge Congress to work with the President and create security and stability for everyone living here.”

Attorney General Patrick Morrisey (R-WV): ”@realDonaldTrump has been more successful reducing burdensome regulations than any other President in our lifetime.”

Advocacy & Policy Organizations

The AIDS Institute Deputy Executive Director Carl Schmid: “President Trump is taking a bold step to design an innovative program and strategy, and commit new resources, to end HIV in the United States. His proposal to increase access to antiretroviral medications for people living with HIV and for prevention in those communities with the highest rates of HIV and where additional resources are most needed will translate into fewer HIV infections. Under the President’s proposal, the number of new infections can eventually be reduced to zero.”

The American Enterprise Institute Resident Scholar Aparna Mathur: “Wow, awesome shout-out to paid family leave!! @AEI.”

American Trucking Associations President & CEO Chris Spear: “Tonight President Trump called for a national, bipartisan effort to restore our country’s declining infrastructure — and America’s truckers are answering that call.”

Concerned Woman for America President and CEO Penny Nance: “President Trump’s choice to recognize and reinforce this nation’s commitment to the sanctity of life in the State of the Union address tonight was crucial at this moment in our nation’s history.”

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins: “The president’s selection of guests like Alice and Matthew show the power of Christian faith and redemption.”

The Heritage Foundation: “.@realdonaldtrump is right—this is a ‘moral issue.’ The U.S. needs more and better border security, including a mix of barriers, technology, and agents, deployed where they are cost-effective and most needed.”

Independent Women’s Forum President Carrie Lukas: “[T]he President is offering a different approach, a pragmatic approach that simply requires us all to look with new eyes at old problems. Securing our border, bolstering our economy, keeping Americans safe… these are commonsense goals that should unite us, not divide us.”

Job Creators Network President and CEO Alfredo Ortiz: “The overwhelming majority of Americans are far better off today than they were two years ago because of President Trump’s policies that have unshackled small business job creators.”

The LIBRE Initiative President Daniel Garza: “#CriminalJusticeReform was a huge win for America, thank you for supporting the reform effort, Mr. President.”