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Trump supporters across America: The president is delivering on his agenda
USA Today
May 16, 2018

I live in Newark, Del., with my two sons, who have special needs, and my husband, who is a manufacturer. I believe our voices are part of those forgotten Americans whom President Trump touched during the 2016 election. For years, it had been such a tough road with stagnant wages, a one-income household and two boys who need a substantial amount of care. Along came Donald Trump.

Trump spoke about what was real and what real people such as my family were facing. 2016 was a long and brutal election, but my husband and I never wavered in our support of Trump. And to this day, we still remain the same.

Angela Wilson; Newark, Del.

Time and time again — whether it be leaving the Paris climate deal or implementing the travel ban — Trump has governed on behalf of citizens, not global interests. I’m proud of my vote and proud of America’s president.

Scott Ruesterholz; New York

I knew the country needed a different approach to governance, and Trump was the man to shake things up. He had the business acumen and the “take no prisoners” attitude we desperately needed.

Trump’s a fighter. He doesn’t back down and keeps moving forward with the agenda.

Frank Ruvolo; Ely, Nev.

More than anything, I support Trump because he seems to like America and Americans. He gets along easily with a wide range of Americans, and he seems to get along well with foreign leaders, while never denigrating our country or our people.

Rick Nestoff; Broadview Heights, Ohio

I love that he is the first president in a long time who really supports Israel. Not just because I’m Jewish, but also because Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East.

He is making America great again and I love it.

Leah Kabaker; Los Angeles

Trump has handled the Middle East and North Korea masterfully. As I knew he would, he opened the throttle on the U.S. economy.

People who are serious about history understand how unprecedented this president is. The first man to get into the Oval Office without owing anyone anything can and will do great things. We will probably not see another like him.

Michael Bolduc; Pflugerville, Texas

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