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Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
Phoenix, Arizona

THE VICE PRESIDENT: Well, good afternoon all. And, Governor Ducey, thank you for the welcome here to Arizona. I know it’s a very challenging time for the people of this great state. President Trump wanted me to be here to say to you and to the people of Arizona that we’re with you. We’re going to make sure you have what you need, when you need it, to meet this moment.

Governor, I brought with me Dr. Deborah Birx; the Acting Secretary of Homeland Security; as well as Admiral Polowczyk, because we’re absolutely determined to ensure that whether it be testing, whether it personal protective equipment, whether it be additional personnel — some of which arrive in Tucson today — that you have the ability here to identify the nature of the spread here in Arizona, to identify people who have contracted, to provide healthcare to those individuals.

And also, Governor, I want to thank you for your strong leadership. The steps that you’ve taken in just the past few weeks, where you’ve seen a rise in cases across Arizona; the efforts that you’ve taken to put the health of the people of Arizona first; engage the cooperation of the people of Arizona to practice the kind of hygiene and common-sense measures that we know will slow the spread is greatly to your credit and to the credit of your entire healthcare team.

And I know we’ll get through this. We’ve dealt with this coronavirus pandemic in other major metropolitan areas and other states across the country. I’m absolutely confident that, with your leadership, with the full support in the federal government behind you, the cooperation of the people of Arizona, that we’ll slow the spread and we’ll flatten the curve, and we will put the health of the people of Arizona first, even as we continue to move this state forward to opening up Arizona and opening up America in a safe and a responsible way.

So, Governor, thank you. We look forward to the briefing. We’re here to help, and we’re grateful for your leadership.

GOVERNOR DUCEY: Thank you, Vice President Pence. I want to say, on behalf of Arizona, how grateful I am to Vice President Pence and President Trump and the federal administration.

We had an incredibly productive day with Dr. Birx, spending time with our healthcare leaders from all over the state. I want to thank Admiral Polowczyk and Secretary Wolf. It’s been continual. It’s good to have you here face to face, but I get to see you at least once a week, and sometimes twice a week, via video teleconference, and that responsiveness and communication has been invaluable as we’ve navigated through this crisis.

I also want to thank Dr. Cara Christ, who’s been leading our public health effort. We’ve got General Mick McGuire who’s been doing double duty, not only as the National Guard, but also leading FEMA. We’ve got Marcy Flanagan here and Steve Purvis. These are healthcare leaders from Arizona.

And our message to Arizonans today is clear: They are safer at home. If they do go out, we want them to mask up. We want them to physically distance. We want them to wash their hands. We did take some actions to slow the spread of this virus. In terms of gyms and bars, and waterpark tubing, movie theaters will be on pause for the next 30 days, as well as a large public gatherings are going to be at pause for the next 30 days.

We’ve slowed this virus before in Arizona. The time is upon us now to slow it again. I want everyone to have a safe celebration over Independence Day weekend, but please do it with your family in the safest possible way.

And again, we’re thrilled to have you here. We know that we’ve got a challenge in front of us in the month of July. And with responsible behavior and personal responsibility, we’re going to come through this on the other side.