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State Dining Room
10:47 A.M. EST

THE VICE PRESIDENT:  Well, thank you for the warm welcome.  And I trust you all have had a productive and meaningful morning.

And to Governor Sandoval, to Governor Bullock, and to all of America’s governors who are gathered here for this important national meeting, on behalf of the First Family and our entire Cabinet, thank you for being here today.  And, more importantly, thank you for your service to the people of your state and to the people of this nation.  We are proud of our governors across America.  (Applause.)

One year ago, President Trump told all of you at this gathering that, in his words, “Under this administration, we’re going to have a true partnership” — a true partnership of collaboration and cooperation with governors in America.  And as a former governor, I’m very proud to see the progress that we have all made together for the American people.

Since day one of this administration, we’ve been partnering with each and every one of you, in good times and in challenging times.  We’ve been working on the issues that matter most to the American people — jobs, energy, combatting opiate abuse, land management, and so much more.  We’ve been inspired.  We’ve been inspired by the leadership of governors of our states and territories in the midst of hurricanes and wildfires.  And we commend our governors for your outstanding leadership in these challenging times.  (Applause.)

Through all of it, we’ve generated real results for the American people.  Thanks to the President’s leadership and all of your efforts, we’ve made remarkable progress in the past year: 2.5 million new jobs; unemployment at a 17-year low; wages are beginning to rise all across America; business confidence is soaring; and the American economy is roaring back.

We all share the credit for that.  We all share the responsibility of serving all the people of this great nation.  So we thank you for your collaboration and your partnership in the progress that we’ve made.

But today is about partnering with you for what matters most: ensuring the safety and security of our children and schools.  As President Trump said in the immediate aftermath of the horrific attack in Parkland, Florida, “No child, no teacher, should ever be in danger in an American school.”  And President Trump, as he will reiterate to you today — President Trump has made school safety our administration’s top priority.  (Applause.)

One week ago, in this very room, the President and I met with the family of Meadow Pollack, a beautiful young lady who lost her life in the terrible attack in Florida.  We met with other students and families reeling from that attack.  We also sat with families from Sandy Hook and from Columbine, who still bear the scars in their hearts from similar incidents that took place in their communities.  And as the President said, and I can echo, we’ll never forget that time.

President Trump has been busy listening to law enforcement officials.  But at the bottom line, he recognizes that public safety and education are principally a state and local function.

So today, we want to hear from you, America’s governors.  We want to hear what you’re doing.  We want to hear your ideas for reform at the federal level.

It’s good for me to be among some former colleagues and friends.  And let me share with each and every one of you — I’ve now served with this President for over a year, we’ve become very close.  I cherish our friendship.  What I know of this President is he’s got broad shoulders and a big heart.  And like governors all across America, I also know that this President is all about results.  As the President said, “It’s not enough to simply take actions that make us feel like we’re making a difference.  We must actually make that difference.”  And I promise you he means it from the bottom of his heart.

So today, I urge you to bring your candor and your counsel to this President, and know that he’s listening — he’s listening with the respect that’s generated from knowing the jobs that each and every one of you do every day for the citizens of your states all across this country.  And I know in my heart that with President Trump’s leadership, with your leadership in your states, and with God’s help, we’ll end this evil in our time.

So now it is my high honor and distinct privilege to introduce to you my friend and a leader who is absolutely committed to working together with each and every one of you to advance the safety and the prosperity of the American people, the 45th President of the United States of America, President Donald Trump.  (Applause.)


10:52 A.M. EST