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Centre de Congrès Bellevue
Biarritz, France

12:24 P.M. CEST

PRIME MINISTER TRUDEAU:  Well, it’s always a pleasure to sit down with President Trump.  We’ve had some good conversations already, particularly on the global economy.  The Canadian and American economy are doing well, partially because of the trading relationship we have and the great work we did.

Quite frankly, around the table there’s a lot of people wanting to make trade deals with each other.  And we have a deal that we were able to negotiate that’s good for our workers, good for our citizens, good for the middle class.  And that’s the kind of thing that we need to see more of around the world.

Always a pleasure to talk about a broad range of global issues.  And it’s good to sit down with you.

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  So, we’re going to be significantly expanding our trading relationship when the USMCA gets done and completed.  Our farmers love it.  The unions love it.  The workers love it.  Manufacturers love it.  Everybody likes it.  I think most Democrats like it.  So, hopefully, that’ll be put to a vote fairly soon.

It’s got tremendous support — both, I believe, Democrat and Republican.  It has been signed and finalized, essentially, by Canada and, essentially, by Mexico.  So we’re waiting for that from the United States.

And we have — we have really great support.  And it’s something — I think it’s a very special agreement.  And it replaces NAFTA, which is perhaps the worst trade agreement ever done.  Certainly within our country it’s the worst.  I can think of one worse, but it’s not within our country, it’s outside of our country, and that’s the WTO.  That’s a beauty.

So we’re very happy with the agreement, and I congratulate you.  I hope it gets done.  I guess we should save the congratulations for when they vote, but hopefully that will be put to a vote pretty soon.

Thank you very much, everybody.  Thank you.

END            12:27 P.M. CEST