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Hyderabad House
New Delhi, India

12:11 P.M. IST

PRIME MINISTER MODI:  (No translation provided.)

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Well, I want to thank you, Mr. Prime Minister.  The last two days have been amazing, in every sense of the word, from every stop.  Very special people.

As you know, we have people of the United States — we have a number of them representing us here today that are very proud.  Their parents are living right now in India; they’re from India, originally.  They’re incredible people.

We have many millions of people.  I get different numbers all the time, but we have millions of people from India living in the United States and doing very well in the United States.

And I look forward to you explaining a little bit later on to the media the progress we’ve made and the — on trade, on fighter jets, on commercial airlines, and various other things, and energy.  We’re working on some very, very substantial transactions and I think it’s going very well.

But the last two days — especially when you look at what we did yesterday, filling up that stadium, and they had thousands of people outside trying to get in.  That was a great honor for me and a great honor for you; they were there for you.  I would even imagine they were there for you more than for me.  I hope so, anyway.

But the people love you.  When I spoke of you and I spo- — I speak with great fondness — the people stood up yesterday and they cheered.  You got 125,000 people, I guess, inside.  And you had many people on the lawns.  And every time I mentioned your name, there were cheers.  So they love you in India, and that’s a good thing.

PRIME MINISTER MODI:  (No translation provided.)

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Thank you very much everyone.

12:14 P.M. IST