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San Luis, Arizona

12:46 P.M. MST

Q Can I ask question on the wall: How’s it looking?

THE PRESIDENT: I think it’s great. It’s great. It’s going to be — it’s really foolproof. It’s solid steel. It’s rebar and concrete inside the steel. So we have a very heavy concrete inside the steel. And inside the concrete, we have rebar. So you have everything you could have. It’s what they wanted, and that’s what we did.

Any questions?

Q Mr. President, with all the problems that we’re facing right now, why are you determined to end DACA at this time — with unemployment, with COVID?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, we’re looking at it. We’ll work it out with DACA. I think good things are happening with DACA. They resubmit, but we’ll work it out. And the Democrats have been playing with DACA for years, and they haven’t done anything. I’ll get it done. I’ll get it done. And we’ll — good things will happen for DACA recipients, and pretty soon.

Q Is there a message for DREAMers?

THE PRESIDENT: So, we’re going to — yeah. The message is: Put your chin up. Good things are going to happen. You’ll watch. Okay?

Q Why was the suspension on green cards necessary?

THE PRESIDENT: You have to talk up.

Q Suspension on green cards: Why was it necessary?

THE PRESIDENT: So we want to give jobs to Americans right now. Right now we want jobs going to Americans.

Any other questions? Okay. Thank you all very much.


12:48 P.M. MST