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Hotel du Palais
Biarritz, France

2:16 P.M. CEST

PRESIDENT MACRON:  In a few words, in order to (inaudible) — Mr. President, first of all, I do welcome Mr. President and his wife, and we are very proud and happy to have you here in Biarritz, in this place, for the G7 and once again very happy to (inaudible).  You are a very special guest for us, and now, at this occasion, (inaudible) are very important.

On this occasion, obviously for us, (inaudible) a lot of crisis.  We will discuss Libya, Syria, Ukraine, North Korea, and Iran.  A lot of these crises that we need a strong coordination of and partners on the table.  And especially on Iran, we have to fix the situation, and we had a lot of (inaudible), and we have to work very hard because I see we do share the same objectives.  First, being sure that Iran don’t get access to nuclear weapon.  And second, stability of the region.

We will discuss, as well, about the economic global situation, how to decrease tensions and fix the situation in terms of trade (inaudible), because I think if we manage to fix the situation, seven of us — we fix a great part of the world.  And this is a very important (inaudible) of our discussion as well, and obviously how to find new ways to relaunch our economic (inaudible).

When I look at Europe, especially, we need some new tools to relaunch our economy.  We decided, and (inaudible) probably decide to have new tax cuts, which is one of the ways to relaunch.  We have strong coordination with (inaudible).

And, third, obviously, we will discuss a lot of things at the G7: gender equality, digital, and how to (inaudible) this new world with common initiative together.  And, obviously, climate and bio (inaudible), and a lot of these hot topics.  And with this (inaudible), we know the (inaudible) we can have on climate, on the various agenda.

But our cooperation (inaudible) our investors will (inaudible).  And I think, during the sessions, we will actually see in order to have some solutions to (inaudible), and implementation of this (inaudible) and all these climate protections for this global agenda.

But thanks again, Mr. President, for taking the time being here and being a partner.  So this discussion will be very important between the allies, friends, and very importantly, we are always very proud to have the (inaudible) the U.S. (inaudible).

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Thank you, Emmanuel.  Very nice.  And we look forward to it.  And we actually have a lot in common, Emmanuel and I.  We’ve been friends for a long time.  And every once in a while, we go at it just a little bit — not very much. But we get along very well.  We have a very good relationship.  Sort of, I think I can say, a special relationship.

We all remember the Eiffel Tower dinner, and that was a very good beginning.  And we have some really great things to talk about.  And we couldn’t have asked for better weather or a more beautiful location.  And next year, we’ll be hosting in the United States, so that will be very — very good.  That’ll be great.  We’ll do a good job.

But so far, so good.  The weather is perfect.  The guest is fantastic.  Everybody is getting along.  And I think we’ll accomplish a lot this weekend, and I look forward to it.  And thank you for having us.

PRESIDENT MACRON:  Thank you.  Thank you, Donald.

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Thank you very much.


2:20 P.M. CEST