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State Dining Room

11:52 A.M. EST

THE PRESIDENT:  Thank you very much, everybody.  We’re having a great year.  This has been an amazing year for our economy.  And meeting these athletes — they’re real athletes, I can tell you.  It’s a tremendous achievement.  And we’re bringing many of them over to the Oval Office.  I guess all of them.  So far, nobody has turned that one down — (laughter) — because it is a special place.  They want to be there within 25 years, somebody out of here.

So — but we had a — we’ve had a great time.  This has been the best economy we’ve ever had.  We’re up again today.  We have a lot of things going.  The China deal is coming along very well.  It’s a question of whether or not I want to make it.  And tremendous things are happening.

I think we had a tremendous week with the hoax.  You know, the great hoax.  They call it the “impeachment hoax.”  And that’s really worked out incredibly well.  And we have tremendous support.

I think Roger is around here someplace.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen support in the Republican Party like we do right now.  We’ve never had this kind of support.

REPRESENTATIVE WILLIAMS:  We’re with you all the way, Mr. President.

THE PRESIDENT:  Yeah, thank you very much, Roger.

I’ll see you — I’ll see you over at the — we’ll see you over at the Oval Office.
Q    Should the whistleblower be fired, Mr. President?

THE PRESIDENT:  What whistleblower?  I don’t think there is.  I consider it to be a fake whistleblower, because what we he wrote didn’t correspond to what I said in any way, shape, or form.

Thank you.


11:53 A.M. EST