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Joint Base Andrews
Prince George’s County, Maryland

3:54 P.M. EDT

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you. I’m going to Montana. We’re doing a rally for Matt Rosendale, who’s a fantastic man. And he’s doing very well. And we will be talking some pretty tough things about Senator Tester, who has been a disaster, and a disaster, frankly, for Montana. So we’ll see what happens there.

The economy is looking fantastic. Some great numbers come out and came out today. And I will see you folks on the plane, okay?

Q Mr. President, do you believe Jamal Khashoggi is dead?

THE PRESIDENT: It certainly looks that way to me. It’s very sad. Certainly looks that way.

Q Can you comment on a shouting match between General Kelly and Ambassador Bolton in the West Wing today?

THE PRESIDENT: That, I had not heard about. No. That, I haven’t.

Q Did you learn anything new from Secretary Pompeo today in your meeting?

THE PRESIDENT: No. Just that we’re waiting for some investigations, and waiting for the results. And we’ll have them very soon, and I think we’ll be making a statement — a very strong statement. But we’re waiting for the results of about three different investigations, and we should be able to get to the bottom fairly soon.

And I’ll see you on the plane.

Q Mr. President, what are you considering for possible consequences for Saudi, based on those —

THE PRESIDENT: Well, it’ll have to be very severe. I mean, it’s bad, bad stuff. But we’ll see what happens. Okay? Thank you. See you on the plane.

END 3:56 P.M. EDT