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Green Bay Austin Straubel International Airport
Green Bay, Wisconsin

3:00 P.M. CDT

THE PRESIDENT:  So it’s going very well.  Tremendous crowds.  We have a tremendous crowd in Green Bay.  We were going to have 25,000 people, at least, in Minnesota.  But the governor wanted it to be, I guess, freedom of speech: 250 people.  And rather than canceling, I’m going to see the people.  Probably a lot of people are going to be showing up anyway.  But we’re going to have 25,000, at least.

You have a very big crowd here.  We have a big crowd everywhere.  There’s something going on that’s very exciting.  And I think you’re going to see that on November 3rd.  But who knows?  But you’re going to see some very exciting things.

Yeah, go ahead.

Q    Mr. President, do you think it’s at all dangerous to be holding these big rallies while the numbers are going up here in the Midwest?

THE PRESIDENT:  No, not all.  No.  And they’re out to our rallies.  They’re all out to it.

Anything else?

Q    If you could speak to the governor of Minnesota right now, what would you say?

THE PRESIDENT:  I can probably speak to him.  I can probably call him.  I haven’t.  But I think the people of Minnesota are very angry about it, from what I understand.  Number one, they went through riots.  And then we saved them — with the riots.  But they should’ve — we should’ve been called a long time before.  And they’ve gone through a lot, the people of Minnesota.  Minneapolis has been a disaster.

And, look, it hasn’t been won since 1972, but I think we have a good chance.  There’s tremendous spirit.  It’s a great place.  I like it.  I have a lot of friends there.  So we’ll see what happens.

But I think it’s crazy when you have 25,000 people who want to go — very wide, very open, outside — and they want to go, and they say 250 people.  I think it’s a very bad decision by the governor.  But they were hoping I’d cancel.  And I’ll go up to see the 250 people.

Thank you very much.

END                 3:02 P.M. CDT