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North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum: “North Dakota leaders have worked hard over the past 25 years to reduce individual and corporate income tax rates, pass sensible regulations and foster a business-friendly environment that stimulates investment and job creation, and we appreciate President Trump recognizing those continuing efforts. We share the president’s goals for tax reform: simplify the tax code, lower rates to ease the burden on middle-class families and set corporate tax rates at levels that allow U.S. businesses to better compete in the global economy, bringing back jobs and wealth from overseas. And we urge Congress to work with the administration to achieve meaningful tax reform that encourages economic growth and saves taxpayers time and money.”

Senator John Hoeven (R-ND): “We appreciate the president and members of his cabinet coming to North Dakota to discuss the importance of reforming the tax code for families and businesses across our state and nation. Today’s speech highlighted North Dakota’s role in powering our nation’s economy and how tax reform will empower greater economic growth, job creation and help to increase wages for our workers, while also providing tax relief for individuals and families across the country. We need to get tax reform done for the American people.”

Senator Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND): “Every day in the U.S. Senate I wake up thinking about how I can fight better and harder for rural America – and as the heartbeat of rural communities, North Dakota workers must be at the forefront of any tax reform bill. When a sitting president visits North Dakota, that’s a welcome opportunity for our state and a chance for us to highlight North Dakota’s priorities. It was good for our state that President Trump came to Mandan today to hear those priorities firsthand. When I look to the future of North Dakota’s economy, I think about the working families like mine in small, rural towns like Mantador where I grew up. Those working families and enterprising young kids need policies that encourage them to innovate, build, and grow businesses and jobs that our communities can take pride in and rely on. For families like mine who wear their blue collar roots proudly, we know these are the issues that can make all the difference for the folks who shower after work, for the businesses that need certainty to create good-paying jobs, and for middle-income families so they aren’t saddled with more debt than they can handle. That’s why I’m committed to fixing our broken tax code, and making sure it encourages workers, their families, and our businesses. Today President Trump spoke about his priorities for tax reform, and it’s encouraging he committed to promoting American workers as key to any tax reform policy. But, as North Dakota’s former Tax Commissioner, I know the devil is in the details of any reform plan as tax codes are complex, and we need to know what those details are. I’ve long said that I’m open to working with Republicans and Democrats on comprehensive, permanent tax reform that promotes North Dakotans during their working years as well as protects their dignity in their retirement, and I intend to keep working with both sides of the aisle to see if we can come up with a tax reform plan that works for North Dakota workers and retirees.”

Rep. Kevin Cramer (R-ND): “Tax reform is the single most important policy change we can make in this country to increase wages, boost economic growth, and make America the place for businesses to create jobs again. Failing to implement meaningful tax reform would be a failure to the American people and we must act now. It’s no surprise President Trump used North Dakota as his backdrop for discussing the restoration of America’s competitive edge through tax reform. With the lowest unemployment rate in the nation, North Dakota is the role model for what can happen when our government focuses on promoting job growth and reducing complex regulations that harm businesses. I’m honored to attend this event today with President Trump and look forward to getting tax reform done.”

Senator David Perdue (R-GA): “President Trump is right that a top priority when it comes to fixing our tax system is to make American businesses more competitive with the rest of the world. We’ve got to lower our corporate tax rate. We also have several trillion dollars stuck overseas in U.S. profits because of our repatriation tax. Getting rid of that archaic tax in its entirety and lowering our corporate tax rate will put U.S. companies back on a level playing field. President Trump has my full support as he continues to make America more competitive and simplify our tax system for everyone.”

Greater North Dakota Chamber: “The GNDC has long advocated for a tax, legal, and regulatory environment that allows businesses to thrive. In recent years, the GNDC has worked with state legislators and the administration to champion common sense tax policies that fosters, rather than stifles, economic growth. Our collective efforts and subsequent success in this regard have helped provide North Dakota with a critical competitive advantage. There is no question the current federal tax system is broken. The GNDC welcomes President Trump to our state as he campaigns for comprehensive tax reform and we are delighted to have a president who is making this policy initiative a central priority. While we are well aware that tax reform is a complicated and time-consuming process, we are of the strong opinion that there can be no turning back. Businesses and individual taxpayers deserve a federal tax system anchored in the principles of common sense and simplicity which will help ensure prosperity for all. Furthermore, if we can get real tax reform done, American business will be more globally competitive. We thank President Trump for his leadership and we urge the members of North Dakota’s congressional delegation to work in a bipartisan fashion to make federal tax reform a reality.”

North Dakota Farm Bureau: “NDFB is pleased to be a part of President Trump’s visit to our state. The new administration has been a blessing to North Dakota’s agriculture community, showing strong leadership by rejecting what the courts had set aside in the ill-advised Waters of the U.S. interpretation of the Clean Water Act. NDFB looks forward to President Trump’s leadership on a variety of other priority issues for rural America, such as comprehensive tax reform. President Trump has made it clear he supports needed changes in the tax code. We are hopeful the administration and the American people can force action, particularly from Senate Leadership. Legitimate tax reform, which is good for main street rather than Wall Street, is a long time Farm Bureau priority and NDFB is excited to encourage the President in his efforts. We have the opportunity for real, lasting changes in many segments of the economy that impact agriculture — energy, taxes, EPA and regulatory reform, and trade. NDFB is supportive of the Trump administration as they make changes demanded by the voters in 2016, and we are eager to help the President fulfill his campaign promises.”

Energy Secretary Rick Perry: “The Trump administration is committed to revitalizing the American economy and creating jobs, especially in the energy sector. Through a vigorous and fair tax reform that puts the American people first, we will unburden the economic constraints facing industry and unleash the power of American energy.”

Small Business Administration Administrator Linda McMahon: “I am very happy to see President Trump visiting North Dakota to speak on tax reform. The current tax system is a huge burden to Americans and directly impacts the success and advancement of our nation’s small businesses. We will see a dramatic growth in the economy if we can lower our tax rate and simplify the tax code. More than 98% of businesses in North Dakota are small businesses! By cutting taxes, we are putting more money directly into the pockets of the hard-working American entrepreneur. Consistently, as I travel around the country meeting small business owners, they tell me that they will reinvest in their companies and hire more people if they can get a more favorable tax rate. We are looking for aggressive reductions and I have the utmost confidence in President Trump that he will not settle for anything less than that.”

Treasury Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin: “President Trump made a forceful case for comprehensive tax reform to level the playing field for American job creators and spur economic growth that will yield millions of new jobs. Middle-income families in North Dakota and across the country deserve a tax cut, and the President is committed to simplifying the tax code to put more money in their pockets. During today’s visit, the President put a personal face on the harmful impact the “death tax” has on farmers and ranchers in North Dakota. I look forward to working with Congress to provide relief from this and other onerous taxes, jumpstart our economy, increase wages, and create more opportunity for Americans.”

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt: “President Trump reminds Americans what we can accomplish when we work together. At EPA, we strive to protect human health and the environment, while also providing regulatory certainty in a way that allows businesses to innovate and grow.”

Secretary of Agriculture Perdue: “Farming is a complicated operation, so to place more burdens on the people of agriculture through the tax code has never made any sense. Most agricultural enterprises are small businesses, and the costs and time required simply to comply with the tax code are impediments to what these folks really ought to be doing, and that’s growing and producing food to feed the United States and the world. It’s an old, not-so-funny joke that farmers live poor and die rich, because of the value of the land they own. It isn’t right that a family’s hard work will be punished by the Death Tax, through which many farms have to be broken up or sold off just to pay the tax bill. I urge Congress to take up the tax reform agenda to give American agriculture the best chance to succeed. That would be in line with our new motto here at USDA – ‘Do right and feed everyone.’”

Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke: “I applaud President Donald J. Trump’s ambitious and determined work to deliver tax reform to America’s energy workers. High taxes and over-regulation have discouraged development of our natural resources and job creation on federal lands for too long. Energy-rich states like North Dakota have proven the economic benefits that go hand-in-hand with harnessing these energy resources – including the over 5 million acres of federal mineral estate managed by the Department. North Dakota is the second highest producer of oil behind Texas – it is an energy powerhouse that will help lead our country to energy dominance. As global competition for investment increases and other countries seek to attract investment to their shores, we need to be ever vigilant that the United States maintains its competitive edge. The market for reliable and affordable energy is strong, but right now our high tax rate and over-regulation punishes companies for doing business in the U.S. Tax reform will restore our competitive edge so we can create more jobs and higher wages for American energy workers on federal lands and waters, and it will help put us on track toward American Energy Dominance. Developing American energy and achieving American energy dominance has three major benefits to the environment, economy, and national security: First, it’s better for the environment that the U.S. produces energy. I’ve spent a lot of time as a Navy SEAL in the Middle East, and I can tell you with 100 percent certainty it is better to develop our energy here under reasonable regulations rather than have it produced overseas with little or no regulation. Second, energy production is a boon to the economy, supporting more than 9.8 million jobs and supplying affordable power for homes, hospitals, manufacturing, and transportation. But for too many local communities, energy on public lands has been more of a missed opportunity and has failed to include local consultation and partnership. And, lastly, achieving American energy independence will strengthen our national security by reducing our reliance on foreign oil and allowing us to assist our allies. As a military commander, I saw how the power of the American economy and American energy defeated our adversaries around the world. Under President Trump’s leadership, we will once again develop our resources and use them as a diplomatic force to keep prices low and Americans safe.”

Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council President & CEO Karen Kerrigan: “Small businesses are grateful that President Trump is using the bully pulpit to fuel momentum for tax reform. Entrepreneurs and small businesses need a tax system that supports their growth, encourages investment and capital formation, and allows them to operate competitively in the global economy. That means having access to more of their hard-earned profits to reinvest back into their businesses, employees and local communities. The economy will more grow more quickly, and Americans will have greater opportunities. A vibrant and growing economy will also fuel the confidence and resources that people need to take the risk of starting a business. With 3.4 million missing businesses in our economy, tax reform is a key policy solution that will encourage more entrepreneurship in America. Furthermore, encouraging all businesses to do more business in the U.S. and bring their profits back home means small business suppliers have expanded opportunities to grow their revenues and increase wages for their employees. It is very positive to see Senator Heidi Heitkamp alongside President Trump in support of tax reform. There is broad support across America for tax reform and Senator Heitkamp’s colleagues need to follow her example and work across the aisle to find common ground. SBE Council and its members look forward to working with members of Congress from both political parties who want to provide entrepreneurs, small businesses and their employees with a simplified tax system that eases their burdens, and provides the tax relief they need and deserve.”

RATE Coalition: “We are encouraged by the continued unity from leaders in the Administration and in Congress around the need to fix America’s broken tax code. Today’s meeting marks an important step towards fulfilling a critical goal to “lower rates for all American businesses so they can compete with foreign ones. As President Trump noted in his remarks last week, “we have totally surrendered our competitive edge to other countries” with a corporate tax rate that is the highest in the industrialized world. Employing over thirty million Americans – one-third of America’s private-sector workers across all fifty states – the RATE Coalition and our 33 members certainly understand the costly consequences of surrendering that competitive edge. More importantly, however, we also stand eager to assist President Trump, his Administration, and leaders in Congress to reduce the rate to a globally-competitive level. While much attention has been focused on a meeting at the White House regarding the tax rate, it is our hope that much consideration will also be given to meetings that are taking place across America because of the tax rate – from a Fortune 500 Company deciding to relocate overseas to a small business owner contemplating how to comply with a complex code. With a corporate tax rate that is a full 15 points higher than the OECD average, our government isn’t just collecting taxes – it’s also constricting businesses. The RATE Coalition applauds the ‘Big Six’ for recognizing the severity of that problem and urges them to utilize this once-in-a-generation opportunity to fix it.”

North Dakota Petroleum Council: “The NDPC and its members support and welcome the President’s commitment to pro-growth tax reform, an effort that is long overdue. For more than three decades, businesses and hard-working Americans have been overburdened by a complicated and bloated tax system that seems to punish rather than encourage success and reinvestment in our country. Today, we are excited that our government is taking steps toward comprehensive reform that will bring jobs and wealth back to the American economy. There is perhaps no better example of what a pro-growth tax plan can do for our economy than right here in North Dakota. Certainly, our state has been blessed with rich natural resources, but being able to harness those resources is what has set us apart from other energy-rich states. For the past decade, North Dakota has been a step ahead thanks to its efforts to enact an all-of-the-above energy policy, create a pro-growth business climate and encourage investments in the technologies that have since unlocked our energy resources. This has forever changed the way we develop our energy and helped reverse our dependence on foreign oil. Today we stand on the verge of energy independence, and domestic energy production has neutralized OPEC’s control on our energy markets. Yet, to continue our progress, we must ensure that our country can continue to compete. The President’s administration has made tremendous strides in helping alleviate many of the duplicative and burdensome regulations that have been obstructing continued investment by the industry. President Trump’s commitment today to reform our tax code will boost our ability to further invest in our domestic resources, make both the U.S. and North Dakota more competitive, and benefit the more than 72,000 North Dakota workers whose jobs are supported by the industry, all while keeping energy affordable for all Americans. As this plan unfolds, we look forward to lending our guidance and support for a more simplified tax structure that will encourage job and business growth and put more money back in the pockets of hard-working families.”

Lignite Energy Council: “On behalf of the members of the Lignite Energy Council (LEC), I’d like to welcome President Donald Trump to Bismarck. President Trump knows that homegrown North Dakota energy like oil, gas, and lignite coal help drive the American economy. We are encouraged to hear the President’s willingness to reform the tax system. The LEC will continue to advocate for tax policy like the 45Q tax credit for carbon dioxide sequestration.”

Freedom Partners Spokesman Bill Riggs: “We continue to be encouraged to see the administration and Congress pushing ahead on bold tax reform that both restores fairness and provides real relief. The way to do that is by eliminating as many special-interest carve outs and loopholes as possible and lowering rates as low as they can go. The political favoritism and corporate welfare rampant throughout the tax code has been undermining fairness and eroding trust for years. Tax reform is Washington’s best opportunity to un-rig this broken system, bring jobs and investment back to America, and level the playing field so Americans can compete and win. Delivering a tax code that is simple, fair, and lets Americans keep more of their hard-earned money shouldn’t be a partisan issue. We urge Democrats and Republicans to work with the Trump administration to make this a reality.”