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Senator David Perdue: “The American people elected President Trump because he shares our sense of urgency in securing our border to protect our country. After years of careless immigration policies and leaders who have turned a blind eye to the chaos at our southern border, it’s reassuring we now have a President who treats illegal immigration like the national security crisis that it is. In seven short months, the Trump Administration has already worked to advance Kate’s Law, stop sanctuary cities from harboring illegal aliens, enforce existing deportation laws, decrease illegal border crossings, and tackle the problems at the root of our broken immigration system. Today’s visit is further proof of President Trump’s commitment to protecting all Americans.”

Rep. Louie Gohmert: “The best thing we can do for BOTH the United States and Mexico is to secure our border. Thankfully, we have a President who understands and is committed to that. A nation founded on laws that apply to everyone, where neither rich nor poor are above the law, must enforce the law to maintain its integrity, fairness, justice and opportunity. If we secure and enforce our border properly, Mexico’s drug cartels will be reduced dramatically, which will reduce corruption and lawlessness in Mexico, and help Mexico finally achieve its place as one of the top economies and vibrant countries in the world. A good neighbor would help Mexico in this way. Thankfully, we have a President who not only understands the importance of security and the rule of law, but is doing all he can to make such security, propriety, and opportunity a reality.”

Rep. Jim Jordan: “Today President Trump will visit the U.S./Mexico border and reaffirm his commitment to securing our border. Under President Trump, the number of people trying to enter the United States illegally has dropped significantly. But we need to do more. I agree with the President that secure borders are a vital part of our national security. For the good of our country, Congress should include border wall funding in government funding legislation this fall. It’s what we ran on – we need to fulfill that promise.”

Rep. Dan Donovan: “The President is bringing much-needed focus to the crucial first step in solving our immigration crisis: securing the border. Reforming our broken immigration system will be a pointless exercise if we can’t stop illegal entries. I look forward to continuing to work with the President and my colleagues in Congress on this critical matter.”

Rep. Mike Johnson: “Securing our borders is critical to preserving our national security, and President Trump has made this a top priority during his time in office. Since his inauguration, illegal border crossings have decreased significantly. Just the idea of a strong leader willing to do what it takes to enforce our laws has slowed the flow of illegal immigrants across our border. Still, terrorists continue to exploit weaknesses in immigration laws across the world to carry out their attacks. Now, more than ever, it is imperative we reverse the previous years of lax enforcement and re-establish stability in our immigration system to better protect our nation and our people.”

Rep. Earl L. “Buddy” Carter: “President Trump’s unyielding commitment to securing our borders and protecting the American people is already producing results. In the past seven months, the number of people arrested trying to enter the country illegal has been nearly halved.  It’s clear the world knows America is serious about enforcing our laws.   What’s more, the President’s commitment has also boosted the morale of our law enforcement agents along the border because they know he’s got their backs. The President’s steadfast support for securing our borders is spurring Congress to action.  I’ve been proud to help deliver to his desk the biggest boost to border security in years with $1.5 billion in additional resources.  In the House, we’ve also fully funded the President’s wall, passed Kate’s Law and the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act to further bolster our efforts.”

Rep. Mark Meadows: “The President’s visit to Yuma, Arizona will be a critical step in highlighting the needs of our border patrol operations and evaluating the challenges they face in keeping our country safe. I applaud President Trump for his leadership on this issue and for his relentless commitment to keeping a promise that was central to his campaign. Congress would do well to join the President and follow through on our own promises by including funding for a border wall in upcoming spending bills–anything less will show that we are not serious about keeping our word to the American people.”

Rep. Andy Harris: “In the first seven months of 2017, the United States Border Patrol saw a 46% decrease in the number of illegal border crossing attempts and apprehensions from the same seven-month window in 2016. I applaud the United States Border Patrol and Department of Homeland Security for their hard work in reducing the rate of illegal border crossings, and I am proud to support increased funding for securing our borders in the FY18 spending bill. Through increased border security and legislation like the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act, the Trump Administration and Congress are making great strides to end illegal immigration, making American citizens safer and more prosperous.”

Rep. John Ratcliffe: “I’d like to thank the Trump administration for working closely with Congress on securing our borders and enforcing our immigration laws. After the Obama administration’s failure to protect the sovereignty and integrity of our territorial borders – which led to more crimes within our borders and the unnecessary loss of life at the hands of criminal aliens – it’s encouraging that President Trump’s commitment to prioritizing border security has already made our country a safer place. As a member of the House Judiciary and Homeland Security committees, I look forward to continuing my work alongside the Trump administration in building upon the progress we’ve made so far, so we can deliver on our promise to protect the American people.”

Rep. Morgan Griffith: “A weak border has consequences for the whole country. National security is jeopardized when we don’t know who is entering and leaving. The rule of law is diminished. Opportunities for legal immigrants who follow the rules are closed. Dangerous and addicting substances routinely cross the border. The 2016 National Drug Threat Assessment found that Mexican transnational criminal organizations, which control smuggling corridors across the border, are the biggest criminal drug threat to the United States. Lax border security has fueled the opioid epidemic, the ready availability of meth, fentanyl, and the resurgence of cocaine. Parts of the country far from the border are in pain because the Federal Government didn’t do enough to control who or what entered our territory. Fortunately, the Trump Administration has shown that it takes enforcement seriously. The proof is in the numbers. Apprehensions at the border from January 1 to July 31 of this year are almost half of what they were in the same period last year, a sign that many are choosing not to risk illegal border crossings. We should build on this success to further guarantee the integrity of our borders. To that end, I supported the inclusion of funding for a border wall in the appropriations bill the House passed last month and urge that it be kept in any bill to fund the government.”

Rep. Andy Biggs: “I am pleased to welcome President Trump back to Arizona. We are privileged to host him in the Grand Canyon State. Since President Trump took office in January, confidence in the economy has rebounded. Immigration laws have been enforced, and the number of illegal aliens pouring across our southern border has slowed. Onerous job-killing regulations have been slashed, freeing up major sectors of the American economy to revitalize job growth. Neil Gorsuch, a Constitutional constructionist, has taken his seat on the U.S. Supreme Court.  Law and order will no longer be ignored. Our military has been empowered to keep our nation safe through strength. Life has been protected. President Trump has been successful in many of his quests to make America great again, and some of his battles are only beginning. As the President visits Yuma and the border today, I encourage the country – and our leaders – to renew our resolve to secure the border and to build the promised wall. The House of Representatives has already passed legislation providing border wall funding, and I hope that my colleagues in the Senate will do the same in September. We have no excuses for an unsecured border. President Trump realizes that, and the American people realize that. It is time for Congress to come to that realization when we reconvene.”