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A WIN FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE: President Donald J. Trump has succeeded in securing funding for priorities that protect and support all Americans.

  • Americans elected President Trump because they believed in his vision for increased economic and national security, and he continues to deliver on his promises.
  • The omnibus funding bill is a victory for the American people and supports President Trump’s priorities.
  • The military will be rebuilt with over $665 billion in total discretionary funding for the Department of Defense.
  • The border will be protected with $1.57 billion for border wall construction over six months.
  • Opioid addiction and abuse will be addressed with nearly $4 billion, including $3 billion in new funding to advance President Trump’s plan.
  • America’s schools will be secured with stronger legislation and additional resources.
  • Infrastructure spending is increased and delivered through programs that allow for robust competition.

A WIN FOR THE AMERICAN MILITARY AND OUR VETERANS: President Trump has made rebuilding our military and national security one of his primary priorities and the omnibus provides the necessary funding.

  • Funding for the Department of Defense is increased to $665 billion, up by almost $60 billion over last year’s level. The omnibus funding bill:
    • Fully funds a 2.4 percent pay raise for our troops, the largest raise since 2010.
    • Provides $66 billion for Overseas Contingency Operations to fight ISIS and other terrorist threats.
    • Includes $144 billion for the tools and equipment our soldiers need, from new aircraft and ships, to missile defense, which is a more than $20 billion increase from last year.
  • The agreement includes $81.5 billion for the Department of Veterans Affairs, including an additional $2 billion for infrastructure programs to repair and enhance VA medical facilities and State Veterans Homes.

A WIN FOR BORDER SECURITY: President Trump promised to secure the border and prevent illegal immigration, the omnibus funding bill helps achieve that.

  • $1.57 billion is provided to fund many miles of border walls and fencing in key areas, including new construction and repairs.
  • U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) funding is increased by 10 percent, or $703 million.
  • The Department of Justice’s Executive Office for Immigration Review is provided $505 million, including funds to hire and deploy new Immigration Judge teams.

A WIN FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT: President Trump has worked with Congress to secure our communities and protect our children.

  • Funding for Federal law enforcement agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), will receive an increase in funding to combat violent crime and drug abuse.
  • School safety is prioritized in the omnibus, which provides:
    • $1.2 billion for education programs to improve school safety.
    • Two legislative priorities strongly supported by President Trump: the STOP School Violence Act and the Fix NICS Act.
    • Funds mental health programs authorized in the 21st Century Cures Act.
  • America’s opioid epidemic is the crisis next door, and the omnibus bill provides nearly $4 billion to combat this menace, including increased funding for law enforcement.
    • Billions are allocated to agencies for opioid addiction prevention and treatment, as well as law enforcement to reduce the supply of illicit opioids poisoning our communities.
    • Grants are allocated to states and localities to help offset the costs of opioid abuse.
    • Funding is provided for research into opioid addiction and alternative treatments.
    • Department of Justice grant programs receive $330 million to support drug courts, treatment, and prescription drug monitoring.
  • Funding is provided to specifically combat human and drug trafficking.

A WIN FOR AMERICAN INFRASTRUCTURE: The omnibus provides robust funding to rebuild our Nation’s infrastructure.

  • The bill provides robust funding for infrastructure.
    • This includes $635 million in rural broadband and $2 billion to address VA’s maintenance backlog.
    • The bill also includes substantial funding increases for traditional core infrastructure, such as highways, airports, railways, and waterways.
    • A significant share of this funding increase is directed to competitive, merit-based infrastructure grant programs with no special advantage to certain projects.

A WIN FOR WORKERS AND FAMILIES: The omnibus increases worker protections, expands access to effective job training programs, and provides additional support for working families.

  • The bill prevents employers from confiscating employees’ tips, while eliminating barriers to establishing tip pools, so cooks and support staff can share the tips their hard work has helped generate.
  • Funding for apprenticeships is increased by more than 50 percent.
  • $120 million is provided for Reemployment Service and Eligibility Assessments, effective interventions that help unemployed workers find jobs faster.
  • The bill increases funding for Historically Black Colleges and University Title III Program.
  • Funding for the Child Care and Development Block Grant is increased by over $2 billion so more parents can obtain high-quality care for their children.

A WIN FOR CONSERVATIVES: The omnibus budget fulfills key conservative principles held by President Trump and the American people.

  • All existing pro-life provisions, including the Hyde and Helms Amendments that prohibit the use of taxpayer dollars for abortion, are continued.
  • Increases for national defense outpace those for non-defense spending, ending the fiscally irresponsible demand for parity between the two categories.
  • Freezes pay for Members of Congress and applies unspent funds to reducing the deficit.
  • Increases oversight of Federal contracts and travel spending.