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Remarks by President Trump After Air Force One Arrival | Reno, NV (September 12, 2020)

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Reno-Tahoe International Airport
Reno, Nevada

September 12, 2020

6:10 P.M. PDT

THE PRESIDENT: Okay, so we just landed in Nevada, and we’re very booked up. The venue is packed. It’s an open venue. We have a tremendous crowd. It was reported on NBC by not a very good reporter that there are a thousand people. Well, there are many times that. So, you know, you’ll see that. The place is packed. It was — lines up two days ago.

And tomorrow, as you know, we’re going to Las Vegas. We’re also going to California. We’re going — we’re doing a tour for three days, and then we’ll go back to New York, where we have more things to do.

So we’re very busy. The country is doing well. Jobs are doing fantastically well. I think the virus, hopefully, is rounding the turn, rounding the corner. The vaccines are going to be out soon. The therapeutics have been fantastic. Already, remdesivir and others — the plasma — have had a very big impact if you look at the results.

So we’ve had a lot of good things happening, and it’s great to be in this big state, this great state. I’ve been here a lot over my life, and I know it very well.

We have a — I think we’re going to win it. We almost won it last time, and it was for a certain reason we didn’t quite get there, which was perhaps a miscalculation by somebody, but it was very close. I think this — I think we’re up. I think we’re up pretty substantially in the real polls.

And we’re up, I think, almost everywhere in the real polls. The real polls show us doing very well in Florida, very well in North Carolina, very well in Pennsylvania. I think we’re doing well in New Hampshire — really well in New Hampshire. We’re doing — you know, we won Ohio by a lot, and we’re going to win it by, I think, even more this time. And Michigan — I guess we just got a poll. We’re up by about 2 points, right? So I think we’re doing very well.

And Joe Biden is sleeping or whatever he’s doing in his basement. He doesn’t seem to come out a lot. And we sort of are taking the other approach.

So we’ll see you over at the venue. You’re going to see a tremendous crowd as usual.

Thank you. Thank you very much.


6:12 P.M. PDT