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ENHANCING OUR PREPAREDNESS: President Donald J. Trump is working to ensure a fully stocked, resilient national stockpile and a domestic industrial base capable of meeting any future challenge.

  • President Trump and his Administration are releasing a plan to restructure the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS), implementing lessons learned from recent pandemics.
  • Our next generation SNS will be improved by increasing supplies of critically-needed items, integrating predictive analytics to determine needs, leveraging technology to provide real-time visibility of supply chains, and reducing dependency on foreign supplies.
  • Additionally, President Trump is signing an Executive Order providing the authority to ensure America is producing critical goods necessary to build up our strategic stockpiles.
    • Under the order, the United States International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) will provide financing to key industries producing vital goods and services.
  • With the health and security of our Nation as the primary goal, this order will secure our supply chain and make our country more independent, self-sufficient, and resilient.
  • The President’s actions will protect the American people, make sure our Nation is more prepared, and prime our industrial base to respond to any future challenge.
RESPONDING TO CHALLENGES: President Trump is determined to address the challenges and stockpile deficiencies uncovered during the initial coronavirus response.
  • During the coronavirus pandemic, the Trump Administration found that the Nation’s stockpile was insufficient.
  • Previous SNS inventories lacked the breadth and depth to respond to pandemic demand, only stocking 28% of needed items and containing less than a month’s supply of key items.
  • Under the former system, the ability to determine what products were most needed, rapidly replenish items, and target the distribution of critical products to high-need areas was lacking.
  • Since less than half of personal protective equipment (PPE) is manufactured in North America, our supply chain was extremely vulnerable to foreign production interruptions.
  • The coronavirus pandemic exposed the need to increase domestic production and reduce foreign dependence on items critical to our Nation’s health and national security.
DELIVERING CRITICAL SUPPLIES: Under President Trump’s leadership, the Administration has successfully procured and delivered supplies to Americans in need.
  • President Trump and his Administration, in collaboration with manufacturers, have worked tirelessly to ramp up production and delivery of critical medical supplies across the Nation.
  • The President launched Project Airbridge to bring supplies from all over the world to support America’s frontline healthcare workers.
  • The Administration partnered with the private sector to secure donations and production of PPE and other medical supplies.
  • President Trump effectively leveraged the Defense Production Act to mobilize our country and secure massive amounts of PPE and ventilators.
  • Thanks to President Trump’s efforts and the power of the private sector, every American who has needed a ventilator has had one.